tips for local SEO

Tips for good local SEO

In previous blog posts I provided some ideas about where to place keywords on your site and how to use citations. In this article I’ll give you a few more tips to complete the checklist for a good local SEO strategy. Create relevant on-page content: creating relevant content is extremely important in order to confirm […]

Why citations are important for local SEO?

I consider getting citations an extremely important practice to achieve high rankings on search engines. If you have some familiarity with SEO you have probably heard about this term, if not this post covers what citations are, why they are so important for local SEO, and how you can use them efficiently. What are citations According […]

Keywords search

Where to place Keywords on Websites

Keyword research and keywords placement on your website are fundamental blocks of your online marketing strategy. But first of all, what are keywords? Matt Bailey, president of SiteLogic Marketing and author, defines keywords as “the summation of people’s thoughts into actions on the keyboard”. Most of us use search engines to find the information […]