Communication Strategies and Planning Services

Business Writing

"How" we say things is as important as "what" we say. Brilliant ideas conveyed with powerful words. Our communications consultant in Vancouver has the knowledge and the tools to transform ideas from complex to simple. Applying principles of plain language, we will get your voice heard and will launch your message in the most suitable format for your services or products. Comprehensive business newsletters, presentations, brochures, or annual reports will build connections between you and your key audiences.

Graphic Design and Brand Identity

Brand identity is a powerful marketing tool that speaks to the audience about your business personality. Novum Communications works with experienced and creative graphic designers who will transform your ideas in powerful and fresh designs. We can do both, create a new brand from scratch or give an updated and modern feeling to the existing one.

Spanish Communications Services

Do you have partners or potential clients in Spanish speaking countries with whom you want to improve relations? Novum Communications has the language and communication skills to develop fruitful relationships with them. We will create marketing products to inspire and attract new customers in Spain or Latin America. Lets cross language barriers, break the ice, and open new opportunities for your business.