Online Marketing Services

Our online marketing services cover all aspect of a solid digital marketing strategy, which goes from creating a functional and beautiful website, visible on search engines, to engaging your audience through social media channels. Contact us and we will explain you our approach. 

Social Media Marketing

Key for the success of your business is that people talk about it. Businesses are built on relationships and today a large amount of these relationships happen on social media platforms. At Novum Communications we believe that, before launching compelling social media messages, you first need to understand on which platforms your audience want to connect, what they like to talk about, and why. We have the tools and the experience to design social media marketing strategies that will make your audience want to know and to talk about you.

WordPress Web Design

In today's digital world your website is the image of your business. An attractive and easy to navigate website will impress visitors who will want to return. Novum Communications website designer works with WordPress to create tailor-made websites that respond to both your business goals and the needs of your audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These days it is not enough for your company or organization to be online, the right audience needs to find you. Novum Communications SEO expert will integrate search engine optimization strategies to your web, blog, or social media activities. We will make sure that you have key words, titles tags, meta descriptions, or links in place to improve your ranking results on main search engines. If your goal is to win more business on the web we are the people to speak to.