tips for local SEO

Tips for good local SEO

In previous blog posts I provided some ideas about where to place keywords on your site and how to use citations. In this article I’ll give you a few more tips to complete the checklist for a good local SEO strategy.

Create relevant on-page content: creating relevant content is extremely important in order to confirm on your website the category of your business. This is where on-page keyword optimization is crucial. Brainstorming and choosing the top keywords you want to compete for on your site should be a previous step to writing your site content. Having a keyword strategy will not only save you time–since you already know what you have to include on your web copy– but also will respond to the needs of your audience because you understand what they are searching for. For more information about keywords read my article about Where to place keywords on websites.

Optimize your site structure:  the site structure serves search engines as  a roadmap when crawling your site. The better the quality of your site structure the higher your chances for better ranking on search engines. A comprehensive, clean, and organized structure will enhance users’ experience so they do not bounce out and will stay longer.  Attractive sites to users are also attractive sites to search engines. Easy navigation, clear URLs, or comprehensive internal links are factors you need to think well in advance building your site.

List your business name, address, and phone number across the web: I talked about the importance of citations in my previous blog Why citations are important for local SEO. Please check it out to understand the importance of having your business listed across the web.

Collect great links directing to your site: Google identifies authoritative links directing to your site. Having links directing to you from sites relevant to your business tells Google that you have authority within your sector and people are interested in your site. The more relevant inbound links that you have the more will increase your chances of ranking high with Google. And now you’ll wonder, how can I get them? The response to this  falls outside the scope of this article but here there are a couple of useful resources from other respected online marketing sites: 11 Ways for local businesses to get links and 32 White hat ways to build inbound links.

Set a Google My Business page: Google my Business is a platform that puts your business on Google+, search and maps. If you previously had your business listed on Google Places for Business, Google automatically upgraded your account to Google My Business. If not, you can easily create one by signing up with your Google or Gmail account on – I recommend having a single account with your business name for all your business Google products to prevent confusion. Once signed in, you will be asked to enter your business name to check if you are on Google maps. If not, you’ll need to enter your business information. It is very important you enter the information exactly as it is on your website and on other online business directories. Choose  very carefully your business category since this will tell Google what your business is about. When you have completed the form, Google will send you by mail a code that will help Google to verify you are the business that you said.  Once you verify the account you’ll see a green checked icon on the top of your business name and you’ll be able to add images and videos to customize your Google My Business page.

Invite your happy customers to write positive online reviews about you: one of the main reasons for setting  a Google My Business page is getting there reviews from your customers. The quality and quantity of reviews on this platform are important factors for successful local SEO. On online search those businesses listed with reviews provide more credibility than those without reviews so the chances to get traffic increase. Because people like reading reviews Google also likes them.  Apart from Google My Business, it is also helpful getting reviews on other popular directories such as Yelp or Yellow Pages. Therefore, do not forget to ask to your new and existing customers to write positive reviews about your business.

If you have questions about how to optimize your site for local SEO please contact Novum Communications.

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